Monday, February 7, 2011

Firefax Scam - Some Tip-offs

Here is the Discussion on Wiki Answers regarding the firefax scam:

The answer to this link has been changed, but the discussions haven't. Somebody changed it to a topic about cyberbullying but here is the original answer:

"Sorry to break your hopes people. I know this guy personally. He created the website i think September 2010, for the purpose of scamming people. basically what he does is "leveraging". He gets paid for what you guys are doing and submits it to the people who owns the project. He is not going to pay you (or I heard he will pay one or two -- to make it look legit; which is the oldest trick in internet scamming) So if you are working here, just quit or your agony and broken dreams are going to be prolonged. The cycle is:
- an applicant after 2 months will get fired or not get paid, - then a new applicant comes, after 2 months will get fired or not get paid.
Just look at the design of the main website of Firefax, thats no professional. It's like it was made by a 2 year old. All of the articles are copy-pasted from other sites. Also, the people with pictures and descriptions here: are ALL copied from other sites!
Copied from:
Read more:"

Their address is on: 
350 5th Avenue, New York. 
Which is the address of the Empire State Building

Their domain has its registrants phone number: 
+1 212 769-5100
This number is already in use by the American Museum of Natural History

They have recently put up misleading videos. Apparently with excerpts and pictures from people who worked for them. Obviously, the phrases can be made up, but the pictures are only stock pictures:
You can see the picture qualities and looks are similar and If you search for business or company, you can find some of those pictures used on their videos.

This is obviously a Firefax scam! No doubt about it.

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